Introducing the nitro-infused cold brew coffee dispenser from Cornelius

Now, the sexiest trend in coffee can be yours. Made for slow-steeped, cold brew coffee that never touches heat, the NitroPro™ draft coffee dispenser lets you become a destination for the most sought after coffee trend in decades.

See it in action

NitroPro™ Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

Answering the call
for cold brew

Our draft coffee dispenser lets you take advantage of the cold brew coffee trend that’s grown 339% in the past 5 years alone. NitroPro™ is easy to use and creates a mesmerizing nitro-infused cascade you’ve just got to see.

The coolest 3 minutes in coffee history

NitroPro™ livens up your cold brew like never before with a nitro-infused cascade that lasts for up to 3 whole minutes. Even after the nitrogen settles, just give the cup a swirl and watch the cascade start up again. It’s pure entertainment today’s coffee lovers are willing to pay a premium for.

Consistently delivers a smooth, creamy finish

Cup after luscious cold cup, NitroPro™ delivers the sweet, less bitter taste that cold brew coffee enthusiasts enjoy without adding cream or sugar. Perfect for cold brew coffee, nitro-infused cold brew coffee and dispensed water.

NitroPro™ Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser - Keg

Simple to operate

Start with your own cold brew coffee concentrate diluted with water, fill the keg, connect the tap and then pour to create the ultimate draft coffee experience.
NitroPro™ Install

Easy to clean and maintain

Equipped with a stainless steel body, quick-connect fittings, simple controls, removable parts and stainless kegs that are easy to clean and fill without pre-charging.

NitroPro™ Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser - Closed
NitroPro™ Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser - Open

The most reliable, fully-certified dispenser of its kind

The entire NitroPro™ unit has received both NSF and UL approvals, so you can rest assured with no worries.

From the most trusted name in beverage dispensers

With over 80 years of beverage dispenser expertise, Cornelius engineers its equipment to last.

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